Early work on my father’s birthday

My father was born February 15, 1923.  He’ll be 90 next year.  So, I’ve been working on a graphic to use for the invitation.  One of his favorite memories was going to the Paramount Theater in Toledo, Ohio and opened in 1929.  It was a fabulous picture palace in every sense of the word.  He speaks fondly of the “moving clouds” and the beauty that was the Paramount.  Unfortunately, it was torn down in 1965 (I was 6).  So, I decided to merge a few pieces of his life into one thing.  You won’t see it this time, but what you will see is a re-creation of the marquee (the early work, I’ll add the lights later and change it in celebration of him).  Also, I’ve included a photo of the actual marquee in it’s heyday. and what I worked from.

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