Old design, new art

A thousand years ago, I went to college.  I wanted to be an architect.  Part of our finals was to design a home.  I did plans, elevations, sections, details….the whole works.  I passed.  But, when I asked to get a letter to go further in my studies, I was told I’d be better off as a plumber.  I’m obviously NOT a plumber (very far from it).  And decided to take my career in a different direction.

A while back, I dug out those old plans and decided to create them in 3D.  So after 30+ years, people can see what I had in mind.  The building is all there.  All four sides.  I just haven’t finished the landscaping.  Trees, plants and flowers take while.  In the garage is a 1951 Chevy panel van.  Black Cherry and Tan.  I want one when I grow up.

Here’s the view as you would have arrived…..


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2 Responses to Old design, new art

  1. Edward Hall says:

    This was designed by a college student? It looks much more accomplished than a twenty something would come up with.

    • Dan says:

      Yes. I was never into the current (at the time) white and orange boxes that were so prevalent in the 70’s and 80’s. I designed something I felt fit with the site. Apparently, at that time, you aren’t supposed to do that. I guess that’s why I’m not and architect today.

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