What Thought Lost, Now Found (Partly)

After a VERY long time, I’ve been searching for a copy of a television commercial I created for Glidden.  I came up with a concept and then had to figure out how to make it work.  This was way before digital animation.  I’ve yet to find the finished commercial, but I did find some of the footage from it.  Apparently, after SRP closed, the footage (and most likely the other files) were distributed to the winds.  The footage from the “Flying Paint” commercial apparently ended up with a stock photo company.  Whereupon, this company, Vertical Hold Productions, bought it as a stock package.  It’s been re-edited, and of course, has different music, but the footage is still the same I shot in 1985.  It took a week of throwing gallon after gallon of slightly thinned paint to get the splashes to hit nicely.  Rental of the high speed camera cost a fortune and I was worried the whole time we’d get paint on it some how and wreck it.  I’m the one throwing from the right side ( the guy on the other side, I don’t remember his name (I was only there for a year)). I remember we went through over a hundred gallons of paint, and very sore arms.  We had built a plastic lined pool to contain the mess, but ended up wearing quite a bit ourselves.  The music we used (if I remember correctly) was from “Madam Butterfly” and the tag line was “A Beautiful Splash of Color” (corny, I know, but not quite that bad for the 80’s).

Flying Paint Footage.

Frame 1Frame 2Frame 3


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