Art Deco

Art Deco. Not it’s original name. At the time it was called Art Moderne, from the French. It embodied the ultimate expression of industrial design. Cars, homes, paintings, posters, toasters all aquired it. It was and is, in my opinion, the best of modern design. All styles that follow owe themselves to it. Mid-century modern, sixties mod and even the seventies drew upon it. Obviously, as time went on it became more and more “cartoonish”. The seventies were the biggest abuser of the style, but they tried, so maybe they can be forgiven (a little bit). The style was really all about speed, manufacturability, and materials. The best was always used in materials when possible as well as the most new and up-to-date technologies (sound familiar, eh?). But today the materials seem to be less important. Elegance and sophistication were the thing. It’s still here, sometimes, and should be used and appreciated more but without cartooning it or what I would rather say “Disney-fying” it. It’s based on classisim and now seems to be released from that and made overblown and out of proportion. It should be fun and elegantly welcoming. I’ve posted here a lounge I designed. Tell me your comments….

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  1. Edward Hall says:

    I somewhat agree. But Bauhaus has something in there.

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